MOA is a boutique consulting company based in Chicago providing unique services to the local market and nationally from coast to coast.

We provide full service consultatory services specializing in hospitality, food & beverage and nightlife industries. To ensure your success through different stages of your business growth, our services run the full gamut from conceptualizing and design to fine tuning and expansion. Our objective is to help you reach your stated goals and achieve a higher rate of success. Our cumulative and substantial real world experience allows us to provide our clients with innovative solutions to a wide range of problems.

Our philosophy is derived from our passion to serve our clients and provide them with the ideas, tools and training they need to enhance their businesses and create a viable and lasting model which suites their needs. Our goal is to build long term relationships and give your businesses the edge you need to compete in this busy market place. We have an in-depth understanding of technology in what has become an ever-changing business landscape. Let us create a success story together.

What makes us good at what we do?

  • Substantial collective real-world experience
  • Meaningful and common sense solutions
  • An eye for details and Passion for service
  • Creative thinking
  • Industry knowledge
  • Ability to provide wide, Diverse and customized services
  • Leadership and a drive for excellence
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Technologically savvy
  • Result oriented



  • Warby

Why Warby Parker Bought A Customer A Round Of Drinks

February 28th, 2015|0 Comments

By: Harry Bradford Become a, HuffPost

Tess Johnson was pretty upset when she showed up at a Warby Parker in Atlanta last Tuesday to pick up her new glasses frames. Her car […]

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  • Celeste

How Three Brothers Took Celeste From Secret to Sophisticated Hotspot in One Year

February 27th, 2015|0 Comments

By: Daniel Gerzina , photos by Marc Much  @DanielGerzina, Eater 
Welcome back to One Year In, a feature in which Eater sits down for a chat with the chefs and owners of restaurants celebrating their […]

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  • TOCCO_Chicago

The Nation’s Hottest New Restaurants Are Popping Up In A Very Surprising Place

May 7th, 2014|0 Comments

BY: Huffington Post

The hottest new restaurants in town are opening far from city centers and trendy neighborhoods — and you’ll need to walk through a millimeter wave scanner just to order an […]

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Goodbye, And Good Riddance, To The Hotel Minibar

April 30th, 2014|0 Comments

BY: Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post

Say good-bye to the $10 hotel-room Diet Coke. Hotel minibars are falling out of favor with travelers and hotels.

Mini-bar sales dropped a stunning 28 percent […]

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  • books

Amazon Book List Reveals What’s Hot In American Regional Cuisine

April 29th, 2014|0 Comments

By: April Fulton, NPR

From upstate New York’s heirloom veggie craze to the Pacific Northwest’s baking boom, regional fare is taking off.

But with zillions of cookbooks coming out every year, how […]

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  • picky eaters

America’s Picky Eaters Are Overhauling The Restaurant Industry

April 23rd, 2014|0 Comments

BY: Jillian Berman, Huffington Post

In Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich’s vision of the future, every restaurant could have “a different menu for every person.”

Shaich’s chain and others are bringing his […]

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